Here’s a little math:

24 hours a day x 7 days in a week = 168 total hours in a week
8 hours a day for SLEEP x 7 days = 56 hours sleeping per week
7 hours a day for SCHOOL x 5 days = 35 hours children are in school per week

equals = 77 hours a week.

77 hours.

That’s a lot of time each and every week we have with our children. Now I know that we’ve got to prepare food and eat it, travel to and from various things, go to sporting events and practices, watch football, etc.  But think about it:

How do we spend and invest that 77 hours per week into our kids?

  • How much are we emotionally investing in our children?
  • How much are we physically and mentally present with our children?
  • How much are we spiritually investing in our children?
  • How much are we investing in our own emotional, physical, and spiritual health?

Parents have a significant amount of influence and impact on their kids.

I know that sounds obvious, but how many of us actually act differently and intentionally in regard to raising our children. It seems to me that we will either raise our children accidentally or purposefully. That doesn’t mean go crazy intentional and structure EVERY hour of every day to get the maximum whatever.

What that does mean is: Are we thinking about our parenting with an end in mind? Do we know what we want our children to look like when they leave our home? What values do we want to instill? What characteristics do we want to send them out into the world with?

Big questions. Significant impact.

What will we do with those 77 hours each week?

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