Well we revamped WesleyanKids.org back in January 2013. We turned it into a blog-based website with new content being pushed out weekly, often daily, instead of what I like to call a brochure-based website (which often solely succeeds at highlights your resources and providing contact information).

What we are trying to do with WesleyanKids.org is…

contribute to the children’s ministry and parenting discussion as well as connect, train and resource anyone who disciples kids.

While we wouldn’t say that we have conquered that, yet, we have made significant progress toward establishing a trusted presence in the kidmin community as well as among parents, and to further resource Wesleyan churches in particular.

Our stats look a little funny, but here is a picture of what our monthly traffic was over 2013:

2013 Wesleyan Kids stats

The picture above shows the number of pageviews per month on the WesleyanKids.org site. Our biggest day was 529 pageviews and our biggest month was in August with 4409 pageviews. Total pageviews for 2013 was right around 33,000. Not a bad start to a freshman website. Thanks to all the readers!!

Top Pages of 2013

By far the most popular page here at WesleyanKids.org is WKFM at 2325. In second place is Awana at 1247 and followed by Building Faith Kids at 871.

Top Posts of 2013

The most popular posts here at WesleyanKids.org this past year were in the craft category: the Armor of God craft (706) and the Jonah in a Fish craft (567). The third most popular post was a repost from another blog called: Keys to Making Your Kids Apathetic About Faith which garnered 533 pageviews in 2013.

How do people come to visit WesleyanKids.org?

By far, the vehicle most people use that brings them to WesleyanKids.org is a search engine (i.e. Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc). Search engines brought 5958 pageviews to us. The next vehicle is Facebook at 2818 views. So crafting good and worthy content (that people want to share on Facebook) and making it easily understandable to the search robots, at the moment, is our most valuable vehicles to visitors coming to the site.

Wesleyan Kids is on Facebook, so be sure to “like” the page and you’ll start seeing updates from WesleyanKids.org in your Facebook feed.

Miscellaneous Stats

We’ve acculumated 74 email subscribers, which means that every time a new post is published on the website, these subscribers get an email that contains the content instantly. You can sign up to receive these emails below:

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Most of WesleyanKids.org resources link back to Wesleyan.org, so we send many folks to our denomination’s main website repository for access to relevant resources (i.e. Awana, Explore, etc). However, we do house all of the WKFM content on this site, and these resources are by far, the most downloaded content.

We posted many games that are appropriate and fun to do with kids in any context, but most of them have been done in a children’s ministry environment. Check them out… they are loads of fun!


This past year, we have given away around 25 children’s Bibles. We spent a large portion of time highlighting “newer than 10 years” children’s Bibles and then giving them away.

What’s in store for 2014?

I hate to promise something and not deliver, so you’ll just have to stay tuned with WesleyanKids.org for what’s in store for 2014!

Thanks for making 2013 a fun year to kick off our freshman endeavor, and we hope you enjoy what we have in mind for our sophomore year of blogging in 2014!!

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