Building Faith Kids

A Wesleyan Catechism

The intention of a catechism is to systematically communicate and dispense knowledge and concepts, in this case, specifically to children. It’s the systematic theology side of a child’s spiritual education as compared to the narrative, or Bible stories, education.

Much like a curriculum company’s “scope and sequence” is an overview of either the stories or concept they wish to convey over time, a catechism is a sort of “scope and sequence” for theological concepts that are meant to be conveyed systematically over time.

Enter Building Faith Kids.

Can we make a list of theological concepts that we believe is important for children to know? Yes. You can view that here. Can we then craft a supplementary curriculum that can flesh out these theological concepts where ministry leaders can use in a variety of contexts? Yep. Building Faith Kids.

BFK ProductsThere are three books:

  1. Learning About God – Basic Christian Concepts for Preschoolers
  2. Growing Like Jesus – Essential Christian Concepts for Elementary Students
  3. Knowing God’s Truth – Advanced Christian Concepts for Middle Schoolers

These three developmentally-targeted books tackle the following catechital categories:

  • God
  • Scripture
  • Self
  • Jesus
  • Salvation
  • The Church
  • The Christian Life

These three books and their extended versions are written and intended to be used in a variety of contexts:

  • Children’s sermon during intergenerational worship
  • Alongside a children’s ministry curriculum as a 5-minute supplement
  • As the curriculum for children’s church or mid-week children’s ministry
  • A catechism program
  • Family devotionals

Building Faith Kids is a catechism designed with the systematic spiritual formation of children in mind and it gives a plethora of ideas on how to teach, model and convey theological truths.

The material is simple to use, easy to understand, and entirely customizable.

Every children’s ministry should have some sort of systematic catechism in their spiritual formation plan.

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12 replies on “A Wesleyan Catechism “Building Faith Kids” Highlight and Giveaway”

  1. My daughter and I would be able to use this with the kids during Sunday junior worship.

  2. I absolutely love the systematic concept list, and it would be fantastic to win this curriculum to give inspiration on methods we can use to teach the kids these basic foundational concepts.

  3. I have used this material in my Sunday school class and it is a wonderful learning tool for our kids. I only have one set and would love them all.

  4. That would be really useful for us, since we’re planning our own curriculum. Good to make sure we’re not leaving anything out!

  5. I can use this material to supplement our Children’s Church on Sunday mornings. It could also be used with our Wednesday night kids program. I would definitely share it with other leaders.

  6. As a trained classroom teacher (Houghton) I’ll likely be involved in writing curriculum for our small Wesleyan Church in Kansas. This would be helpful as a spine, to make sure that I am keeping to the key points.

  7. I’d love this for myself and/or to give away at The Huddle! I think that offering this type of material is key as we need to continue to lean into kids with spiritual truths.

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