From Rev. Jason Blaikie, WKFM Coordinator:

On one phone call I was talking to a lady that was very concerned. In our fundraising challenge we had asked kids to raise 10 dollars a week for three months for our Albania Project. That would be 120 dollars over the three months. She told me she a little boy who was holding onto his change to by candy later that day. He jingled it most of the time through the lesson and activities learning in our September lesson that he can share God’s love by giving to those in need. At the end he finally came up and said to his leader:

‘those kids need God more than I need candy’

…and put his change in. Many of her other kids did the same. Her problem was that her kids did their first fund raising Sunday and had raised 150 dollars already and she wanted to know if it was okay to send in much more then was challenged.

Kids get missions if we give them a chance.

Also we are now at 6 countries using WKFM. Churches from USA, Canada, Barbados, New Zealand, Grenada, and Malaysia are currently using the WKFM curriculum. With the free download and posting on YouTube we are reaching churches globally, some who aren’t even part of the Wesleyan church.

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