You’re probably here because you work with kids and you want to know:

What is “Wesleyan Kids”?

Well, we are a part of the Church Multiplication and Discipleship Division of The Wesleyan Church denomination that is committed to being:

a Spirit-led, praying movement called to evangelize and make disciples of all people by equipping believers, developing leaders, multiplying churches, and transforming communities.

We love working with, serving, ministering, and participating in what God is doing in the life of a child. We are practitioners, not just theorists. Meaning we actually work with kids and volunteers and parents and lead pastors and church boards and beloved janitors. We know what it is like to deal with complex family issues and comfort a nervous child. We live and breath children’s ministry. We also love the theory and academic discipline behind ministry with children as well. At Wesleyan Kids you’ll get both!

We are passionate about connecting, training and resourcing anyone who disciples kids.

Why do we need a website?

Well, we believe we are better together than we are separate. Together includes:

  • Collaboration: Sharing ideas and resources with the community.
  • Conversation: Lending your voice and your perspective and your thoughts.
  • Connection: Getting to know others who share your passion and deal with the same things you do.

I don’t know if you know it or not, but there is this amazing technology called the World Wide Web (otherwise known as the Internet). It’s kind of a big deal. We think we can use this useful tool in our quest to connect, train and resource people who disciple kids.

So take a look around. You’ll find there’s many things to click on and, hopefully, if we’re doing this right, some pretty useful and perhaps informative things you might appreciate.

Our favorite thing is to connect in real life. However that is not always possible. We get that. We all have families and jobs and community commitments and a finite budget. So in lieu of being face-to-face, this website is designed to answer your questions, provide you with resources, engage you in discussions that you are either looking for or didn’t even know you had.

If you want to send us a message and talk to us directly, please click here.