WKFM (Wesleyan Kids for Missions) had undergone a revamp last year. We decided to deploy the WKFM materials over the web and give them away for FREE. Not only that, but there is interactive media and relevant missions projects to engage children in both the awareness and participation in missionary work around the world.

We have seen a huge response to the new curriculum!

Well, we’re doing it again.

We have just loaded all the WKFM content for this next school year (2014-2015) onto the WKFM landing page here at WesleyanKids.org. You’ll be able to access the curriculum PDF as well as the media files there right now.

Don’t worry… we’ve archived the 2013-2014 curriculum and kept it available on the site in case you still need to access content or if you want to use some pieces of the curriculum in the future.

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