Here is another written announcement I made for recruiting small group leaders for the school year:

Our entire youth and children’s ministry is centered around mentoring and intentionally discipling students.

That’s what they need. That’s what their parents need.

A while back there was that armed robbery of the gas stations up in Cable and other areas. I knew that student… he’s in high school. He came to Main Street and Middle School Youth regularly when he was younger. What he needed was a mentor. Someone who could track with him, keep him accountable, love him, and guide him.

Now I’m not saying that we could have prevented his crime, but we will never know because we weren’t intentionally mentoring back then (matching students up with adult small group leaders). I know this student has to make his own choices, but we could have helped.

There’s another young man, in middle school, that has a great family. His parents are involved in his life and present. However, this young teenager is having trouble in school with his peers. He feels alone. He feels like no one likes him… like he doesn’t fit in. Being a Christian and living like a Christ-follower isn’t very popular.

This young man needs his parents in his life, which he does… but he also needs other significant adults in his life that are encouraging and supporting him (discipling him) in partnership with his family.

We have the students that need our help. They come every Wednesday night, Sunday morning, and Monday afternoon. Their home lives are miserable. They are being taught implicitly to follow the ways of their parents and peer culture. We can turn that tide. If the Gospel is real, and I believe it is, then small groups of students, led by a Gospel-centered person who loves and follows Jesus, works. It is not a guarantee, but that is where faith lies: in believing the seed, the Word of God, if the soil of ones heart is continually tilled of hardness, shallowness, thorns, will bear fruit in the lives if these students.

They… We… Need the Gospel, both churched and unchurched alike.

We have three programs where we need small group leaders:

  1. Followers (K-5) is an after school program every other Monday from 3-5pm. We have about 100 students who love coming to play and learn about God. We get to do that! We need about 15 people for to step into elementary students lives 2 times a month for the school year.
  2. Main Street (Nursery – grade 6) is our intentional teaching environment where we systematically instruct the stories of the Bible. Small groups are an important piece to this experience.
  3. Wednesday and Sunday morning Youth (6-12) is where we tackle teenagers. For whatever reason, students like our youth group, both churched and unchurched teens. We get the whole spectrum. But these students need adults who can come through for them, be consistent, be stable and strong for them. We need about 25 people who have a heart for stepping into teenagers’ lives and discipling them.

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