Are we doing “children’s ministry” so we can have a bigger children’s ministry? Or are we serving and teaching children to be disciples?

How do we [marker]get out of the building[/marker] and into the world?

What would you say the focus of your children’s ministry is?

  • To do the curriculum?
  • To get more kids to do the curriculum?
  • To sing songs or play games?
  • To teach the Bible?

Is the focus of your children’s ministry to [marker]disciple kids[/marker]?


More and more I’m asking myself the question:

Is what I spend the majority of my time doing, what I should really be doing?

I spend a lot of my time planning events, curating and studying content and resources for teaching venues, archiving and linking video, curriculum and graphics, and other “computer” stuff. It seems to me that the organizational beast needs to be fed to continue to work. Most of the articles and thinking out there is on how to feed the beast, rather than asking: “Should we be feeding the beast?” Or “are we feeding the right beast?”

Our focus as children’s ministers needs to be to [marker]disciple kids[/marker].

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2 replies on “Are We Doing the Right Things?”

  1. Although the video “this is Discipling” is “no longer available beccuase the uploader has closed their YouTube account,” I agree that discipleship is the key to reaching & growing kids in the faith. Curriculum, events, activities, “slick or not” are simply tools for the heart of the matter – investing in kids’ lives! It’s the same for our youth & adults. However, for far too long (not in all, but I daresay many if not most churches) children’s ministry has been not much more than a sanctified babysitting service. (i.e., who are we gonna get to “work” with the kids the the adults ___________ .) Time to wake up Church!

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