Chesapeake District Kids Camp 2010

Soul Survivor on Danger Island was the theme for this year’s Kids Camp in the Chesapeake District. Kids were challenged to face their biggest fears, disappointments, stresses, and anxieties to become more than conquerors (Romans 8:37) in a dangerous world. Pastor Jim Clements’ teaching was relevant and inspiring. His daily tribe challenges were messy and […]

Cultivate Thankfulness

Is there something you’re trying to grow? I’m not very good at growing things like flowers and vegetables. I generally make an attempt but most don’t survive Indiana’s scorching July. One of my biggest problems is a lack of attention to the details of cultivating.  Wikipedia suggests these include selecting the right ground, tilling, fertilizing, […]

Kidz Carnival Serves 800 People!

On Saturday, April 24, in four short hours more than 800 people saw the love of Christ in action. Vintage Church, a year old church plant in the NC East District, held their second annual Kidz Carnival.  K-LOVE, a fast growing area Christian station, helped spread the word about the event, then provided music throughout […]

Paper Palm Branches and Plastic Eggs

What do paper palm branches and plastic eggs have to do with discipleship? Kids in local Wesleyan churches across the country will be waving paper palm branches this coming Sunday and searching for plastic eggs filled with surprises.  Churches who understand the value of creating spiritual memories for our children that connect a tangible action […]

Tried and True Recruiting Secrets

Veteran children’s ministers share what really works when it comes to recruiting a great volunteer team What if recruiting enough capable, eager volunteers for your children’s ministry was as simple as getting some friends together for a barbecue? Sound impossible?  Children’s ministers from all over the country think it can be that simple.  Now… don’t […]

You Are Remembered

Have you ever run into someone that you haven’t seen in years but as you start to greet them they get the, “I have no idea who you are” look on their face? They don’t remember you! Time, distance, or change of circumstance robs us of our connection, and we aren’t remembered. Noah had a […]