The Power Of Summer Bible Camp

The students I work with cannot wait till “Bible Camp” (as they call it). It’s a week of hanging out with their friends, having fun, and learning more about God. To the students, what better way to spend a week of your summer than at Bible Camp! As an adult, I couldn’t agree more, and […]

Has Easter Gotten Boring?

Before I was a pastor I worked for the Great Plains Coca-Cola Bottling Company out of Oklahoma City. The job was great because I got to talk and connect with people everyday (something that I love doing). What I didn’t love was filling the same shelves with the same product everyday. For example, a typical […]

The Need to Resource Families

Family ministry seems to be the hot topic in children’s ministry right now (as well as in youth ministry) and rightfully so. After all, aren’t children and youth with their families exponentially more than in a kidmin or stumin environment at your church? Yep. Families have an enormous influence, for better or worse, on their […]

It’s Not Your Birthday

It’s not your birthday. Shocker, I know! But although the Christmas holiday tends to revolve around the expectation of gift-giving (more like gift-receiving), it’s really not your birthday. If I remember right, it’s Jesus’ birthday. While I’m sure He doesn’t mind sharing His birthday with everyone, I’m sure He would mind if in our efforts […]

The Parenting “Experience”

I don’t need to be educated on parenting! My parent(s) did a great job! Look how I turned out! I’ll just do what they did. I’ve also heard the opposite: I don’t need to be educated on parenting! My parent(s) did a horrible job! Look how I turned out! I’ll just do the opposite of […]

Old School Volunteers

There’s an older gentleman who’s on our children’s ministry team. Don’t quote me, but I think he’s in his late 70’s. This man, whom I’ll call Gerald, is great. He loves the kids and is very faithful. The only issue with Gerald is that he’s old school. What I mean by that is it’s difficult […]

Fun Is Not A Four-Letter Word

Outreach is good. Why? Well, not only does it attract new people to your church (which is good if you want to grow and minister to people), but because it communicates that your faith community wants to engage with people outside of the ones already in. A number of years ago, a lead pastor was […]