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I Will Follow Jesus: Bible Storybook | Children’s Bible

I love children's Bibles. Probably because I love the stories of the Bible, but also because of the creativity in the presentation and the re-telling...

The Bible in a Nutshell

This is one of those email forwards that you get from those well-meaning friends! It is really good and worth deleting all the annoying...

Is Sunday School Dying a Slow Death?

About a year ago, USA Today ran an article entitled: Has the sun set on Sunday school? After taking some time to report on the inception...

WKFM June 2015 | Zambia

Zambia WKFM | June 2015 Scripture Lesson Matthew 8:1-17 | Jesus cares for the sick. Bottom Line I can share God’s love by taking care of the sick. Memory Verse “Then Jesus came...

Speed Sketch Bible Story Videos

Wesleyan Publishing House has taken on an initiative to create a new video-based curriculum supplement that presents the stories of the Bible in a new...

Love the Lord Your God | Coloring Sheet

Love the Lord Your God | Deuteronomy 6:4-9

Balaam’s Donkey Talks | Coloring Sheet

Balaam's Donkey Talks | Numbers 21:1—24:25

The Bronze Snake | Coloring Sheet

The Bronze Snake | Numbers 21:4-9

WKFM May 2015 | Nicaragua

Nicaragua WKFM | May 2015 Scripture Lesson 2 Kings 5:1-15 | One girl chooses to tell others about God Bottom Line I can share God’s love by becoming a missionary who...

Moses Messes Up | Coloring Sheet

Moses Messes Up | Numbers 20:1-13

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