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Roll Call’s children’s check in system gives you the flexibility to decide how you will check folks in.  Do you want to simply type in a name and pick from the list?  No problem, you can use a manned station and “search by name”.  Do you want to use a bar code and scan them in?  No problem, you can use the bar code badge from Roll Call or have bar code key chain tags made.  Want to identify folks by fingerprint?  We can do that too!

We also give you flexibility with name tags and parent tags.  You choose what information (badge number, family number or random code) is printed on the name tag.  You can also choose to print your logo on the name tag.  Maybe you have a nursery that you need 2 name tags, one for the child and one for the diaper bag.  You define that as well.

By the Book is a software provider for churches and non-profits. It looks that while By the Book has a whole suite of software for organizations, it is feasible that a church could use the child check-in system component by itself. They also have the ability to check-in using mobile devices like the iPad, Windows touchscreens, etc.

This product is also known as Roll Call.


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