Read with Me Bible: NIrV Bible Storybook | Children’s Bible

Amazing graphics. Not all graphics are created equal. Each illustrator uses different techniques. Every reader and purchaser has their own tastes. It’s difficult to please everyone. However, in my opinion, the Read with Me Bible: NIrV Bible Storybook has incredible graphics. They are fresh, current, and visually appealing. And because children’s Bibles tend to be […]

The Golden Children’s Bible | Children’s Bible

This is a retro children’s story Bible All of the amazing graphics and technology that is available to us in both print and digital form sets up certain expectations for us when we encounter a story Bible for kids. We expect likeable, crisp and modern graphics. We expect a product video, online demonstrations, and even […]

The Bible for Children (from Good Books) | Children’s Bible

As I’ve done these story Bible highlights, I’ve noticed that there are seemingly two main categories: An actual Bible, but with study elements directed toward the targeted, aged audience A collection of paraphrased stories of the Bible Now most of the children’s Bibles I have highlighted have been in the second category, except for one. […]

A Child’s First Bible | Children’s Bible

Every children’s Bible is unique! At least, that’s been my experience so far. Each Bible story book takes a different approach than all the other ones on the market, which is really good. However, some do a really good job at their particular approach while others don’t do a particularly good job at their unique […]

The Children’s Illustrated Bible | Children’s Bible

I have an older version of this Bible. And to be honest, I have never read through it. What I’ve appreciated about The Children’s Illustrated Bible is its: introductions maps historical graphics historical facts and explanations illustrations The above mentioned appreciated pieces to this children’s Bible almost can stand on their own. What I mean […]