Hands-On Bible | Children’s Bible

Now this is a Bible! Group and Tyndale’s Hands-On Bible is the full text of the New Living Translation (NLT) of the Bible packed full of activities, overviews, introductions, timelines, notes, thoughts, connections, fun facts… you name it, this Bible is full of it! This Bible is not a story Bible in the categorical. It definitely has […]

The Gospel Story Bible | Children’s Bible

Systematic, comprehensive, and intentional. The Gospel Story Bible has 156 chronological Bible stories (78 in the Old Testament and 78 in the New Testatment). It’s a children’s story Bible that corresponds to a 3-year curriculum called The Gospel Story for Kids. The writer and creator, Marty Machowski, takes a systematic, comprehensive and intentional approach through Scripture. […]

The Big Picture Story Bible | Children’s Bible

Not all children’s Bibles are created equal. Some Bibles directed toward children tend to simplify the stories in order for the intended audience to be able to understand it. Most of the time this means they leave out the bad and difficult to understand stuff and use simple language. Other children’s Bibles spend more time on […]