Is Sunday School Dying a Slow Death?

About a year ago, USA Today ran an article entitled: Has the sun set on Sunday school? After taking some time to report on the inception and original purpose of Sunday schools, the author cites a couple of reasons why Sunday school is on the decline: 1. Families are too busy. Parents and kids, as […]

Dear Parents, “Please Challenge Your Children (and Yourself)”

Dear Parents, I was recently talking to a mother of a 7th grade student who was sharing with me that her son didn’t want to come to Sunday school and Youth group at church. “Every Sunday morning and every Wednesday evening is a battle,” this Mom shared. “I make him go, even when he doesn’t […]

Kid Tech Infographic

Here are a few things that caught my attention: “Nearly half of first-time mobile tech users aren’t even in kindergarten yet.” Speaking from first-hand experience, my two girls are very adept at handling an iPhone and an iPad. We have to monitor the input and the frequency, but the interaction with these digital devices is […]

Digital Immigrants and Digital Natives

There is a seminal article written a while back called: Digital Immigrants and Natives by Marc Prensky, that has vast implications on how we teach, parent and disciple children and teenagers. This post consists of notes from a lecture by Kristin Anderson @ Bethel Seminary back in 2007 (which, for conversations on the current digital landscape might […]

Modern Family Infographic

The study of 2000 Brits was commissioned by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment to mark the release of Modern Family Season 3 on DVD and Blu-ray. Results that stand out: Average amount of family time per day [marker]2:55 minutes[/marker] Average amount of TV per day [marker]5.2 hours[/marker] Average family sleeps well. Kids go to bed […]