Hillsong Kids BIG Curriculum

Hillsong Kids BIG Curriculum Hillsong Kids is known for producing amazing kids ministry music. A couple of years ago they stepped into the curriculum publishing world, probably because they wanted to share how they do kids ministry @ Hillsong. They are a great influence in the world of ministry in general as well as the […]

LIVE Curriculum

Group publishes a curriculum called: LIVE Curriculum Get kids into the Bible and the Bible into kids…for less than $3 a week! “LIVE curriculum helps get your kids to actually read their Bibles… strengthen their Bible skills…and learn key Bible truths. Its large group/small group format is perfect for Children’s Church, Midweek, or a Sunday […]

Explore the Bible Curriculum

LifeWay is working on publishing a new curriculum called: Explore the Bible It looks like Explore the Bible is a synchronous curriculum that subscribes to the idea of “joining every age group in a book-by-book Bible study.” In order for the word to dwell in you, you must know the word. “For every Christian, a […]

Buzz Curriculum

Buzz Curriculum Barbara loves kids. Loves ’em! “She’s always been one of the first to volunteer to help in your children’s ministry. But the hours of preparation and study are wearing her down. And lately it seems she’s usually busy on Sundays. “Then you heard the buzz about a curriculum they called ‘instant.’ Could a no-prep […]

D6 Family Curriculum

D6 Family Curriculum D6 Curriculum brings a discipleship strategy rooted deep in the heart of Scripture. Deuteronomy 6 paints a beautiful picture of God’s design for the family and of His passion to see parents spiritually impress the truths of Scripture on the hearts of their kids. D6 Curriculum intersects the influence of both the church and home […]

Tru Curriculum

David C. Cook publishes a curriculum called: Tru “Tru is a dynamic, spiritually forming, and family-empowered ministry philosophy that offers a vibrant weekend curriculum, as well as other family resources that meet the specific needs of today’s generation. Tru is uniquely created to inspire, equip, and support parents and church leaders in their ministry to […]

Rio Curriculum

  David C. Cook publishes a curriculum called: Rio This publisher is known for producing some wonderful curricular material. Lots and lots. Rio has been around for a few years and seems to be designed primarily for Sunday school environments, but could definitely be used for other environments as well. Overview “Rio is a new […]

Hands-On Bible Curriculum

Group Publishing has a fantastic curriculum called: Hands-On Bible Curriculum Jake is as lovable as they come. “His sparkling eyes and smiling dimples can light up the room! But when it comes to Sunday school, you just can’t seem to keep his attention. He ends up causing more trouble than a feral pack of Pharisees. […]