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Life.Church out of Oklahoma City, provides almost all of its resources for free!  That includes cutting edge children’s ministry and youth ministry resources.  Once you set up an account with them you are able to download video lessons, supplemental lesson pages, even burnable DVDs.  The lessons come in various “series”. Curriculum & Resources include: Under the […]

Seeds @ Church on the Move

Seeds is a ministry of Church on the Move (a church in Tulsa, OK). The Seeds website is a repository of FREE resources. It includes: Teaching Series (adult, youth, and children) Artwork Video Drama There is a terms of use (limited license) you have to agree to. Use at your own discretion.   [button href=”” […]

Do You Fact Check What You Teach?

Our audience is children, right? How will they know if we get something wrong, biblically or culturally? I’ve found that it is incredibly easy to teach kids stuff. Dish in a little wonder, mystery and intrigue, and some culturally relevant observations or connections and you’ve got them right where you want them! C’mon… Disney, Nickelodeon […]

How Are Your Ministry Plans Coming?

I don’t know about you, but I’m in the middle of planning for the next ministry year (2011-2012), which includes: [bullets icon=”0253.png”] research, tons of internet searches, strategizing curriculum plans and themes, choosing curriculum and program elements, recruiting and organizing volunteers, and prepping communication structures and delivery vehicles. [/bullets] Sounds like fun, eh?! I imagine […]

Curriculum?! Where Do I Start?

I was talking with a children’s ministry couple the other day and they were asking me about curriculum ideas. They had done what most people do: they got on the Internet and browsed for what came up in a “children’s ministry curriculum” search, went to the various sites and downloaded their samples. Well, in one […]

How Do You Know What to Use?

One of the biggest questions this time of year is, “What curriculum should I use?” We’re all asking it – even if we’ve been happy with our old stuff, we’re on the market looking around to make sure there isn’t something better. The selection process can be terrifying.  There is a huge variety in cost, […]