Raising Children to be Independent, Responsible, and Jesus Following Adults Someday

[video_embed][/video_embed] I love my children. They are great! We have lots of fun together… we laugh… we cry… we dance. I cannot imagine my life without them. They are truly a treasure. However, someday my children will grow up, and God-willing, be independent, responsible, and Jesus following adults. In order to accomplish that goal, we as parents must guide […]

Five Models of Family Ministry

I attended Bethel Seminary’s Children and Family Ministry graduate program a while back. We talked about Five Models of Family Ministry in one of my classes. I thought I’d pass them on without commentary: Educational Ministry Educational programming across the family’s life stages Serves individuals in their primary life relationships Homogeneous groups of people in […]

Take the Family Challenge

[video_embed][/video_embed] The real question is: Will you commit to passing your faith on to your kids? It doesn’t happen automatically. Just living in your home doesn’t mean your kids are catching your faith. Although you may send your kids to a Christian School, or take them to Sunday School or other church activities, God designed the […]