Lawn Twister Game

Growing Kids Ministry highlights a way to play Twister out on your lawn. How to Play the “Lawn Twister” Game You’ll need: 4 different colors of spray paint Poster board Medium size bowl Scissors Pencil Bucket and paper Setup the Lawn Twister: The blog article has pictures of how to set this up Trace a […]

Sack Races | Game

How to play the “Sack Races” Game We found some burlap sacks for $3-4 each at our local hardware store, so you’ll need to pick up a few of these. And you’ll need some space, or a “lane” of sorts. At our Youth group we used people for the students to tag. At Followers (elementary […]

Chair Relay Race | Game

How to play the “Chair Relay Race” Game Make two teams. In our case we had 2 teams of 10 each and we did boys versus girls. Line up the same amount of chairs for how many people are on each team (the two teams should be equal). Place the two lines of chairs an […]