Remembering Names

Remembering names can be tough, but it is SO IMPORTANT when you’re both working with and ministering to people especially children. When you remember a child’s name it communicates that they are known. You can’t fake “knowing” someone. Either you do, or you don’t. When you remember someone’s name it tells them that they are known, valued, and important.


Matt Norman wrote an article a while back using a great metaphor: Football. I remember watching the Tampa Bay Buccaneers play. One of the players caught an interception and ran it all the way back, 91 yards, for a touchdown. This was a very exciting play to watch. The Bucs took the lead, and this […]

Are Your Kids Stained or Painted with the Gospel?

Jared Martin shared an amazing insight a while back. I’ve reordered the question: Are your kids stained or painted with the Gospel? I think for many who teach children, we just teach kids the Bible and about Jesus and it sticks to them. It might stick for a long time or it might stick for a […]