Dear Parents, “Please Challenge Your Children (and Yourself)”

Dear Parents, I was recently talking to a mother of a 7th grade student who was sharing with me that her son didn’t want to come to Sunday school and Youth group at church. “Every Sunday morning and every Wednesday evening is a battle,” this Mom shared. “I make him go, even when he doesn’t […]

Are Your Kids Stained or Painted with the Gospel?

Jared Martin shared an amazing insight a while back. I’ve reordered the question: Are your kids stained or painted with the Gospel? I think for many who teach children, we just teach kids the Bible and about Jesus and it sticks to them. It might stick for a long time or it might stick for a […]

Parenting is All About Training

I think sometimes we parents get distracted from stewarding our children. We forget this deal is all about training. Training requires doing the same thing over and over again. When I was in art school, I spent hours working on the same vase. I sketched it with pencil. I used charcoal. I painted in oil, […]

Why Do Children Need to Obey?

Children need to be taught to obey. Why? Parents, teaching your children to obey is actually training your children to obey God. When our children are young, things need to be black and white. Obedience brings blessing and disobedience brings punishment. Children have to learn that disobedience does not work for them. Can you imagine […]