Having Kids Radically Changes Your Life!

This video is making the rounds in the social media arena: [video_embed][/video_embed] Coca-cola produced a video about how a couple’s life changes when they have a child. Their house goes from perfectly maintained to chaotically disheveled. Everything from late night wake-up calls, to painfully stepping on things left on the floor in the hallway; ruined […]

Dear Parents, It’s Okay to Discipline Your Children

Dear Parents, I’m concerned about a disturbing trend I’m seeing happening more and more: parents are not disciplining their children (both young and old) when they are doing behavior that they themselves did when they were young. This is more than just a pastor’s complaint about a lack of discipline in the home. It’s a […]

CPYU’s Digital Kids Initiative Resource

The Center for Parenting/Youth Understanding presents the Digital Kids Initiative: Providing information and resources for parents, youth workers and educators to help kids navigate their digital world. This online initiative has some great, relevant resources to help digital immigrants (that’s us adults) better understand and protect digital natives (that’s our kids). There are videos, blog […]

How Can We Encourage Kids?

Children need encouragement. Sure they need correction from time to time (okay, maybe a lot!), but they need lots and lots of encouragement as well. And sometimes in the grind of life where all it seems is happening is busyness, hectic schedules, and disobedient kids, we need to remember that our children (at home, at […]