Happy Birthday Jesus Cake

On the Sunday before Christmas, we rolled a candle-lit cake into the Worship Service. We didn’t have children’s ministry programming that day so all the children were in the service. I reminisced how my mother would bake a cake and on Christmas morning she would light some candles and we would all sing “Happy Birthday” […]

It’s Not Your Birthday

It’s not your birthday. Shocker, I know! But although the Christmas holiday tends to revolve around the expectation of gift-giving (more like gift-receiving), it’s really not your birthday. If I remember right, it’s Jesus’ birthday. While I’m sure He doesn’t mind sharing His birthday with everyone, I’m sure He would mind if in our efforts […]

Are You Excited for Christmas?

The eyes of children are a glow with the excitement and anticipation of Christmas. Bright lights, candy canes, and decorated packages are everywhere they look, and their joy can hardly be contained.  I pray that like the children of today you too will be expectant and excited.  Not for what may be under the tree […]