Are You Excited for Christmas?

The eyes of children are a glow with the excitement and anticipation of Christmas. Bright lights, candy canes, and decorated packages are everywhere they look, and their joy can hardly be contained.  I pray that like the children of today you too will be expectant and excited.  Not for what may be under the tree […]

Cultivate Thankfulness

Is there something you’re trying to grow? I’m not very good at growing things like flowers and vegetables. I generally make an attempt but most don’t survive Indiana’s scorching July. One of my biggest problems is a lack of attention to the details of cultivating.  Wikipedia suggests these include selecting the right ground, tilling, fertilizing, […]

Paper Palm Branches and Plastic Eggs

What do paper palm branches and plastic eggs have to do with discipleship? Kids in local Wesleyan churches across the country will be waving paper palm branches this coming Sunday and searching for plastic eggs filled with surprises.  Churches who understand the value of creating spiritual memories for our children that connect a tangible action […]