Planning Center Check-Ins

Planning Center Check-Ins If you use the Planning Center suite of software for anything in your church, you might have heard they are in beta for a check-ins program. This check-ins system isn’t for children’s ministry only, but can be used to track live attendance in any ministry or organizational setting. Features Kids “Let’s face […]

Fresh Vine | Child Check-In System

Fresh Vine Seemless Check-In You need a check-in system that works easily for parents on-the-go. They need to know their kids are in the right place. Our check-in app is uncomplicated, and can be used both with and without internet access. It’s simple enough that most children can even check themselves in, and enjoy doing […]

KidzPro | Child Check-In System

**Note** This check-in system is no longer available. KidzPro Are you looking for a better management tool with security, real-time tracking, simple reporting, and better organization for your programs? Check out our features… See KidzPro Check in Software in action! You will see why organizations all over the country are choosing the security and tracking […]

Excellerate | Child Check-In System

Excellerate “Streamline your check-in process, track attendance automatically, and feel confident knowing your kids are safe. “In just a few seconds, Excellerate Check-In allows parents to check-in their children, receive name tags and security receipts, and their attendance is automatically recorded. Check-In can also be used for volunteers and special events. “Excellerate’s Check-In System can […]

Elvanto | Child Check-In System

elvanto Child check-in for churches made simple. elvanto has an inbuilt child check-in system for churches allowing you to safely and efficiently handle children across multiple rooms and locations. You can even send parents a SMS message if you need their attention during the service. View what children are currently checked-in and check them out at […]

LambsList | Child Check-In System

LambsList Secure, web-based, children’s check-in. The safety and security of your organizations children is more important than ever, Lambslist gives you a safe and easy to use solution to track and protect your flock. LambsList is a simple check-in system. There are not a lot of bells and whistles to this. LambsList appears to be […]