Every Life Has a Story

[video_embed][/video_embed] We travel through life so fast nowadays that we forget or are often unaware that every person we walk by, drive by and/or push a Walmart cart by has a story. Maybe it’s a success story or a painful story or perhaps a disjointed, cracked story. Maybe their stories are old and they bare the scars. […]

Passing on the Faith to the Rising Generation is Worth It!

Thank you. Thank you for serving God and His children. It is worth it!   [video_embed][/video_embed] HT [button href=”http://kidmin1124.com/kidmin-general/encouragement/saying-thank-you-rocks/” size=”medium” textcolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Kidmin1124[/button] source [button href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZMYAfEoGqRI” size=”medium” textcolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]YouTube[/button]

A New Ministry Volunteer Training Welcome Video

[video_embed][/video_embed] David Wakerley created a great ministry volunteer welcome video. What a great idea! Maybe it’s something you could include in your ministry context… HT [button href=”http://www.davidwakerley.com/2011/10/19/new-leaders-training/” size=”medium” textcolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]KidInspiration[/button] source [button href=”http://vimeo.com/30714910″ size=”medium” textcolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank”]Vimeo[/button]

Why Do You Serve?

Volunteers, I wonder, why do you serve in children’s ministry? I bet it’s because of all the thank yous you get from kids each week, right? Miss Susan, thank you SOOO much for being there for me and teaching me about God. Or maybe you serve because you can’t wait to see what wild Billy […]