Children's Ministry White Paper

A few years ago I realized that in the absence of clearly laid out expectations, the volunteers that serve with me will insert their own ideas into how the various ministry arenas are supposed to run. This wasn’t malicious on their part… quite the contrary… it was poor leadership on my part.

So in a quest to literally get everyone on the same page, we created “Ministry Handbooks” for each ministry environment at Hayward Wesleyan. We wanted to clearly lay out everything we intended and expected so that way everyone knew what was going on.

These handbooks are continual works in progress. Every year we take the preceding year’s handbook and cut and add as needed. As the ministry year goes on, we usually add various pieces to the handbook for future purposes. What I have found in the ensuing years we have done these handbooks, is that my volunteers really appreciate the clarity it brings. They know exactly what is expected of them and they can accomplish the objectives that are clearly laid out.

Here are the “Ministry Handbooks”

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