Church Community Builder

“It might surprise you to hear that what we care most about is not software (although we believe we have a fantastic church management system). We care most about helping churches like yours multiply your ministry efforts not by changing your why or what, but by improving your how. It is a privilege to partner with a church and come alongside its leaders, from executive pastors, small group pastors, volunteer coordinators, and assimilation directors, to facility managers, administrators, and financial overseers, and help them be more effective.”

Church Community Builder is not your typical software company. Their niche is helping churches develop good processes for creating, sustaining and nurturing community… hence the name “church community builder.” Embedded within the larger system is a children’s check-in system.

You can view an overview of the check-in process here. I have not personally used or seen CCB’s check-in system used. It seems that most church-based data management systems are incorporating child check-in systems into them. What we as users have to determine is: Do we like this system over and against another system? Have fun doing good research!

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