D6 Family Curriculum

D6 Curriculum brings a discipleship strategy rooted deep in the heart of Scripture.

Deuteronomy 6 paints a beautiful picture of God’s design for the family and of His passion to see parents spiritually impress the truths of Scripture on the hearts of their kids. D6 Curriculum intersects the influence of both the church and home to create a discipleship journey for the whole family.

D6 brings an intentional plan to connect both the church and the home together. Through a series of shared resources, the church and the family can be on the same page, discussing some of the same themes and ideas, and reinforcing the family context as the powerful center of faith formation.

Resources include:

  • Splink | a weekly email to equip and give parents ideas to engage in faith formation with their children
  • Curriculum | intentional discipleship curriculum that intersects home and church environments
  • Devotional Magazines | material for every age group
  • Marriage Mentoring | a new initiative to strengthen marriages

Check it out @ d6family.com

Published by Jeremy Mavis

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