Child check-in for churches made simple. elvanto has an inbuilt child check-in system for churches allowing you to safely and efficiently handle children across multiple rooms and locations. You can even send parents a SMS message if you need their attention during the service. View what children are currently checked-in and check them out at the end of a service.

Label printing and barcode scanning. Check children in by using scanned barcodes and even print out labels to stick onto children as they are checked-in. You can print parent labels so that when picking up their children, you can identify they are the parent or guardian of the child. You can add custom information about children such as their allergies.

Self check-in for parents. Whether on a computer, a tablet or a kiosk, you can allow parents to self check-in their children with ease. Parents can check-in their children by searching phone number, last name or with a barcode scanner. You choose.

elvanto offers an integrated church management system, which includes a child check-in feature as well.

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