explore the bibleLifeWay is working on publishing a new curriculum called:

Explore the Bible

It looks like Explore the Bible is a synchronous curriculum that subscribes to the idea of “joining every age group in a book-by-book Bible study.”

In order for the word to dwell in you, you must know the word.

“For every Christian, a deep knowledge of the Word helps make the difference between a shallow faith and a life of trust and obedience. This intimacy with the Word develops as we dedicate our lives to reading and studying it personally, in community with others, and regularly examining how it should impact us every day.”

How does this work?

Explore the Bible is a book-by-book Bible study for small groups and Sunday School classes of all ages that takes participants deep into the context of God’s Word and challenges them to live it out in their own context. From preschool to adults, Explore the Bible presents a rich, age-appropriate study experience that pursues biblical context through:

  • Balanced study plan
  • Archaeological and historical background
  • In-depth Bible commentary
  • “Context passage” that reveals larger biblical context
  • Engaging group discussion questions for every book of the Bible

Explore the Bible also challenges participants to live out biblical truths in their own context through:

  • Clear application points in each session
  • Shared memory verse for groups and families in each session

Explore the Bible looks like a solid curriculum!

Check it out @ lifeway.com/n/Product-Family/Explore-the-Bible

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