Faithweaver NowGroup Publishing produces a curriculum called:

Faithweaver Now

Group’s Faithweaver curriculum now offers a family focus.

Get ready to harness the power of TODAY’S families…
“You hope that your families come regularly, and you have to take advantage of that precious hour to share the love of Jesus. The Sunday school that you use needs to be engaging so today’s families grow close to Jesus and come back week after week.”

Experience the WOW of FaithWeaver NOW

  • Families learn the same Bible point in age-appropriate ways.
  • Kids don’t just hear the Word-they experience it.
  • Simpler and easier lessons fit even the busiest lives.
  • You’ll help kids see God in their everyday world.
  • The scope & sequence goes through the whole Bible in 3 years.
  • You can customize it however you like.
  • And…you’ll get a new FREE editable digital version.

Perfect for today’s families!

REMEMBER WHEN families made church a priority and came every Sunday?
NOW busy families will all study the same Bible passage in age-appropriate ways. Families will put down their smartphones and pick up their Bibles!

Great for today’s kids!

REMEMBER WHEN kids would sit and gladly listen to your teachers?
NOW kids will experience God in a fresh way. They’ll have a blast while learning in Sunday school!

Easy for today’s teachers!

REMEMBER WHEN teachers had more time to prep and dig into the material prior to Sunday school? NOW your busy teachers will have a simplified, easy-to-find materials list and at-a-glance prep. The world is visual, and information needs to be in a simple-to-understand format.

The right choice for Sunday school!

REMEMBER the luxury of not having to worry about rapid turnovers on your teaching team?
NOW you will maximize your team’s time and our special recipe helps you get the results you crave in the time that you have.

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