Parker Hill Community Church’s Family Ministry has a unique visual and practical resource called a Family Map. It’s a narrative of a family’s journey from birth through graduation and how both the church and the family are involved in the milestones along the way.

Hey Friends, the Family Ministry Team at Parker Hill Community Church in Scranton has been developing a visual image of our approach to family ministry. We focused heavily upon developmental stages, rites of passage, and milestones. A major focus was identifying the times when parents and mentors worlds get rocked and developing solutions. It seemed to us that this happens most often at the following 8 stages:

  • Baby-On-Board
  • Children-at-Play
  • School-Zone
  • Dangerous-Curves
  • I-Heart-You-Caution
  • Student-Driver
  • Graduation
  • Game-Changers.

We just think that there is huge benefit assisting parents in preparing for the next milestone while thriving in the current milestone. Therefore we are committed to partnering with families to live a great story.

Our desire is to create a tool that provides our parents with:

  • an overarching view of our ministry approach,
  • tools that trigger discussion, preparation, and resources for future milestones
  • meaningful help “in the moment”

We identified three approaches for this:

  • Teach eight classes that are indexed to the 8 milestones during an annual FAMILY MAP day. The classes are designed to serve as a “prep-for-future” course as well as “help-me-now” course.
  • Champion the priorities that parents should embrace at home during the time that surrounds each milestone.
  • Produce events that assist parents and kids in learning and growing.

What a neat idea to create a visual plan to walk parents through an 18 year season of training, encouragement and partnership.

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