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Seemless Check-In
You need a check-in system that works easily for parents on-the-go. They need to know their kids are in the right place.

Our check-in app is uncomplicated, and can be used both with and without internet access. It’s simple enough that most children can even check themselves in, and enjoy doing so! Parents will get a label printed off corresponding with the number printed on their kids’ label, ensuring safety and assisting if parents need to be notified during services.

Communicate with Parents and Volunteers
Because you will already have classes and groups set up within Fresh Vine, you can easily send emails to specific people groups – parents, volunteers, even the students. Make sure everyone is kept up to date on what’s going on. Empower your teachers or group leaders to communicate with those connected to your community through their groups. Make sure those individuals feel remembered and cared for by sending out regular messages.

Fresh Vine and Children’s Ministry. This web-based church management service seems very simple and straight-forward. It is definitely worth looking into if you want an online (accessible-anywhere) kind of database.

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