Go Fish Guys

Great music for kids that won’t drive parents bonkers!

This is the byline for a music group known as the Go Fish Guys.

In the age of PowerPoint and video screens, many of today’s kids have never even seen a hymnal. But as Go Fish members Jamie Statema and Jason Folkmann know, the Truth is always the Truth, and those classic songs that have remained in our heads and hearts since childhood still have a place for families today—even if they’re played more often on iPods than church organs.

“Technology has come so far so fast, and people just want the latest and greatest hip new thing. But a lot of the ‘meat and potatoes’ get lost,” says Jason, dad to a toddler of his own. “Keeping in mind our audience, that kids are our focus and especially families with young kids, we wanted to pass foundational songs down to the next generation—songs that were important to us growing up.”

The Go Fish Guys do a phenomenal job of bringing old music back to life that’s fun and engaging.

Take a look at the song I Love To Tell the Story:


Check out their website @ gofishguys.com for all their latest (and older) albums.

The Go Fish Guys have also been making VBS curriculum based on their music and belief in Bible-centered curriculum that is worth checking into.

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