Gospel Story for Kids

The Gospel Story for Kids curriculum is the complete package.

It contains 3 full years worth of children’s ministry curriculum as well as a children’s story Bible, family devotionals and a Bible memory verse program, all synced together.

The Gospel Story for Kids is a unique, three-year program that helps churches and families ground children in the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation. Children who began this program at age three will have learned and absorbed the gospel story from Genesis to Revelation three complete times. At each age level children are taught the gospel through age-appropriate illustrations, activities, coloring pages, object lessons, and memorization using the Gospel Story Sunday school curriculum, an illustrated children’s storybook Bible, The Gospel Story Bible, and two family-friendly devotionals, Long Story Short: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God (OT) and Old Story New: Ten-Minute Devotions to Draw Your Family to God.

The Gospel Story for Kids program consists of resources for churches and families that ground children in gospel truth and sound doctrine. Using 156 stories (78 Old Testament and 78 New Testament), this interactive program empowers churches and families to connect and reinforce the same, core biblical truths with their children.

You can learn more about the Gospel Story for Kids curriculum and preview lesson materials at:

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The Gospel Story for Kids curriculum was created by Marty Machowski and is sold through New Growth Press publisher. As with ANY curriculum, from ANY publisher, the user must be prepared to recognize, modify, and change a particular theological distinctive if confronted with it in the material. Teaching anyone requires discernment and the selection of curriculum material is no different.

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