Grandpa Mike Talks About GodWe love it when people sit us down to tell us a story. Hey! Grandpa Mike, tell us a story!

Storytelling is an ideal way of teaching children. So let’s find out why we should love God with 34 stories from Grandpa Mike – each one is based around a special word, a word that describes God. They don’t tell you everything about God but they do tell you some of the most important things you need to know.

Through these charming and captivating stories, you will find out that God is waiting to meet with you – how about starting right now, says Grandpa Mike!

God is adorable, angry, beautiful, colorful, creative, everywhere, fair, faithful, famous, friend, generous, gentle, holy, huge, invisible, joy, kind, life, light, love, merciful, mysterious, patient, playful, righteous, scary, smart (omniscient), spirit, strong (omnipotent), tender, timeless, a trinity, truth, and unique.

This devotional seems to be intended to focus on the character and nature of God. Sort of a storied version of theology proper. It’s pretty neat. Simple, and yet powerful. There are 34 stories that could be used for nightly family devotions, weekly faith talks with a family, or perhaps a children’s church curriculum or children’s sermon idea.

Each “story” contains the following components:

  • A story about that particular characteristic of God.
  • Where is this characteristic found in the Bible?
  • A summary of that characteristic in one sentence form.
  • Why is this characteristic of God important?
  • Something practical to do.
  • Something practical to think about.

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Published by Jeremy Mavis

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