HOBCGroup Publishing has a fantastic curriculum called:

Hands-On Bible Curriculum

Jake is as lovable as they come.

“His sparkling eyes and smiling dimples can light up the room! But when it comes to Sunday school, you just can’t seem to keep his attention. He ends up causing more trouble than a feral pack of Pharisees. Then you realized you don’t need to keep Jake glued to his seat. Instead, you can keep him glued to the lessons with Hands-On Bible Curriculum. Now Jake doesn’t just pay attention, he’s fully engaged. His adorable little face lights up when he experiences how real Jesus really is. Keeping your entire class captivated by Bible learning is like a dream come true. You can aspire for more in children’s ministry with Hands-On Bible Curriculum.”

Use Captivating Gizmos to Bring Kids Closer to God.

  • When Jesus taught, he used everyday objects like coins, fish, and plants to help people remember God’s truth.
  • Hands-On Bible Curriculum does the same thing. Just like Jesus, you use everyday items—gizmos—to help kids learn the Bible. And they never forget it. Since children experience what they’re learning, it sticks with them for a lifetime.
  • You can teach like Jesus! It’s easy, too. With step-by-step teacher guides, gizmo-packed Learning Labs, music, and lots of extras, it helps your volunteers make a lifelong impact.
  • But don’t just take our word for it. Hands-On Bible Curriculum has earned the top award for customer satisfaction for Sunday school materials. It’s helped bring millions of kids closer to Jesus, and it can do the same for yours.

At Hayward Wesleyan, we have been using Hands-On Bible Curriculum for almost 20 years now in our Pre-K and Kindergarten class. It is really great stuff!

Check out the scope and sequence and go to group.com to download free samples.

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