Hands-On BibleNow this is a Bible!

Group and Tyndale’s Hands-On Bible is the full text of the New Living Translation (NLT) of the Bible packed full of activities, overviews, introductions, timelines, notes, thoughts, connections, fun facts… you name it, this Bible is full of it!

This Bible is not a story Bible in the categorical. It definitely has God’s story in it, but it’s the entire biblical text. The intended audience is elementary aged kids and it’s the perfect “study Bible” for them as well.

Let’s face it:

The Bible was written thousands of years ago by over forty authors across 1500 years. A text this old and this far removed from our culture requires some interpretation and insights. As adults studying this ancient text, we need study aids and cultural encyclopedias and Bible dictionaries and exhaustive concordances. Study Bibles are helpful because they “add-in” many of these elements in the appropriate places in the Scriptures. Trouble is they cannot possibly add it all in. So they have to be selective. No problem. As long as one knows that the “extra” informational notes aren’t the biblical text itself, these aids are very helpful… especially for children and teenagers.

The Hands-On Bible is one of the best “study Bibles” I’ve come across for elementary-aged students. And, if you are using the Hands-On Bible curriculum from Group Publishing, it’s a potent combination!

Bible Highlights (from the back cover)

The Hands-On Bible is loaded with activities that parents and kids can do together. Experiencing the Bible in engaging ways makes scripture relevant and memorable. It features the clear New Living Translation to help children understand God’s Word. Plus, MyHandsOnBible.com gives parents free bonus activities, devotions, music, and more.

  • The clear New Living Translation is understandable and brings the Bible to life.
  • Hands-On Bible Experiences invite kids to do the Bible with science experiments, crafts, snacks, journals—the ways kids learn best!
  • 52 Key Verse Activities (that’s one a week for a whole year!) help kids learn, understand, and live important Bible truths.
  • Bible Book Introductions make kids want to read every book of the Bible by using humor and hilarious graphics.
  • Full-color Bible Bonanza Experiences introduce kids to the biggest and best Bible stories.
  • Fun facts help kids see the Bible as true and amazing.
  • Bible Hero Biographies talk straight to kids, making the characters come alive. MyHandsOnBible.com features family devotions, music, a Bible reading plan, and more.
  • Tons of other features like the “Where to Turn When I’m . . .” index, kid-friendly Q & A, dictionary/concordance, maps, and charts reinforce truths and add to the ongoing learning fun.


Is the Hands-On Bible a full text of the Bible? Yep, the whole shabang! All in the New Living Translation (NLT)
Does this Bible have a lot of Bible stories in it? Yes, all of them!
Are the major Bible stories present? Yeah.

Number of pages: 1344
Age range: 6 years and up
Publisher: Tyndale House Bibles, July 13, 2010

This story Bible is available at:

  • Wesleyan Publishing House Hands-On Bible Softcover
  • Wesleyan Publishing House Hands-On Bible Hardcover
  • This story Bible is not available on Kindle or iBooks


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