Happy Birthday Jesus Cake

On the Sunday before Christmas, we rolled a candle-lit cake into the Worship Service.

We didn’t have children’s ministry programming that day so all the children were in the service.

I reminisced how my mother would bake a cake and on Christmas morning she would light some candles and we would all sing “Happy Birthday” to Jesus. I shared how as a young kid, I immediately made the connection with my friends’ birthday parties I would attend and what we were doing for Jesus. It was His birthday!

With all the hype of presents, Santa, and “holiday” cheer, we miss the true narrative of Scripture and Christmas: the birth of Jesus the Christ. Singing “Happy Birthday” might feel hokey, but it is a simple and concrete reminder, for children and adults, what we are really celebrating during the Christmas season.

About the Cake

The cake was fake. They were three descending boxes stacked on top of each other. Gingerbread house frosting was used to mimic traditional frosting and hold everything in place. A solid wood checkerboard wrapped in aluminum foil was used as the base, with gold, transparent ribbon was laid around the cake.

We placed 8 tall candles on top of the cake and lit them prior to rolling it into the sanctuary. We place the cake on a metal kitchen cart draped in a white tablecloth to look nice.

Next time we’ll have some sheet cakes on hand after the services because it seems once you tempt people with cake, for it not to be real or have any available is disappointing!

Published by Jeremy Mavis

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