One of the biggest questions this time of year is, “What curriculum should I use?”

We’re all asking it – even if we’ve been happy with our old stuff, we’re on the market looking around to make sure there isn’t something better.

The selection process can be terrifying.  There is a huge variety in cost, scope, container, and length of program, style of lessons, characters, and bells and whistles.  It is easy to get distracted by the cool illustrations and the crazy gimmicks and miss focusing on what really matters.

Roger Fields has an article in the recent K Magazine about the scary side of curriculum or as he refers to it, “diverticulum”! He gives great advice to:

  1. Use curriculum that uplifts the amazing character of God
  2. Encourage your teachers to read over the “lesson”
  3. Get kids involved with what you are teaching
  4. Don’t be afraid to change direction

I’d like to focus on #1 – using a curriculum that helps us to remember what God has done for us…not one that focuses on what we can do for Him!  It is easy to get caught up in teaching how children should behave and forget to emphasize that good life choices are only possible because of what He did first!  If you preach and teach the Word, they’ll get the other stuff.

Psalm 78 is a great reminder of what as teachers our focus should be on – take a few minutes to read the whole thing and remember what God has done for you!

We will not hide these truths from our children;
we will tell the next generation
about the glorious deeds of the Lord,
about his power and his mighty wonders. (Psalm 78:4 NLV)

Full article by Roger Fields can be found on pg. 37 of the July/August 2010 K Magazine.