Two Questions to Prime the Pump

Michelle Anthony, in her most recent book: Dreaming of More for the Next Generation: Lifetime Faith Ignited by Family Ministry (David C Cook 2012), expresses a certain regret and a resolve:

Partly out of ignorance, much of my [Michelle’s] past ministry had eliminated parents from experiencing their God-given role of nurturing faith. There were even times when, out of compassion, I felt that we as the church could help parents outby doing what they were struggling with.

[However], instead of rescuing children from the lack of spiritual parenting they were receiving, I began to think in terms of raising up spiritual parents and homes.

Michelle Anthony goes on to ask two really crucial questions for churches and newly-minted family ministry strategists to help “raise up spiritual parents and homes.”

Question #1

How does the church come alongside parents to help them in their own faith formation so that the spillover of their faith influences their children in the way God envisions?

Question #2

What shifts in ministry focus need to take place in order for us to devote time and attention to a ministry for adults when our infrastructure was designed for children and youth?

I would love to hear your thoughts regarding one or both of these questions… comment below!

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  1. We have had mentoring “moms in the morning” times for moms with preschoolers. Now I do a daily blog devotional that is for their encouragement. I stay in touch on fb.

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