I love children’s Bibles.

Probably because I love the stories of the Bible, but also because of the creativity in the presentation and the re-telling of the story.

If I were to hear a live, verbal re-telling of a Bible story, the presentation will definitely be different depending on who the person is who is sharing the story. That variety and creativity fascinates and excites me! The uniqueness helps me to see and experience the story in a particular way that I probably hadn’t before.

That’s why I love children’s Bibles!

There are no two children’s Bibles alike. They are all different and unique, and they bring a particular flavor and style that illuminates the stories of Scripture in a fresh way.

I Will Follow Jesus: Bible Storybook

Judah and Chelsea Smith (Pastors at The City Church in Seattle, WA) co-authored this children’s Bible because they wanted to…

translate the gospel for children in a way that they can grasp, to help them grow in their faith from a young age, and to inspire them to follow this Jesus for the rest of their lives!

i-will-follow-jesus-coverThis is a classy children’s Bible with great graphics and wonderful storytelling.

The format has an introduction to a section (i.e. Creation, Noah and the Big Flood, God’s Friend Abraham, God Takes Care of Joseph, etc.), then a series of stories under that section (i.e. for “Creation” there is: God Makes Everything, God is our Friend, and A Bad Decision), then a conclusion or application component to each section called “I Will Follow Jesus.”

The introduction tells a kind of personal story to relate to the child (audience) and get them ready for the stories to follow. The Bible stories themselves are told in a creative way. Generally the retelling of Scripture is done in a simple and child-friendly way. The application piece is fun. This is where the authors’ personality and vision comes out in driving the stories home to young hearts.

The format looks like this:

This children’s Bible contains these stories:

Resource Information

Publisher: Tommy Nelson | February 9, 2016
Target Ages: 4 – 8 years
Page Count: 208

Wesleyan Publishing House (WPH): Not available
Amazon: I Will Follow Jesus


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