Dr. Rob Rienow makes a compelling argument for family-based ministry:


What do you think?

Dr. Rienow seems to be saying that the current age segregated method of doing children and teens has failed (or is failing). He points to the Bible and says that it states that God’s design for passing on faith is parents and grandparents… “taking the lead to pass faith and character to their children.”

What do you think?

Is he right? Is the predominant method inadequate? Is Dr. Rienow’s biblical interpretation accurate?

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2 replies on “Is Age Segregated Ministry Working?”

  1. I have not listened to Dr. Rienow’s comments, but I do agree that the present trend of age-segregated worship and activities within the church are inadequate and perhaps hendering efforts to reach our children and teens for Christ. Godly examples speak volumes and are deeply imprinted on the minds and hearts of children and teens and I believe examples of religious disciplines within the church are necessary to teach children not only the way of Christian living, but to create a desire in their hearts to know Jesus as their personal Savior, thus helping to bring conviction and a total surrender to the Lordship of Jesus in theirs hearts and lives.
    I believe that the age related segregation within the the church needs to be changed back to unified worship and activities within the church family!

    1. Is it possible to do both? I do see the value in doing age-segregated ministry for a formal, instructional teaching that is developmentally directed toward the appropriate age group. However, if all of our proverbial eggs are in the age-segregated basket, then yes, we are missing another dimension entirely. We are missing, as you pointed out: “examples of religious disciplines within the church” and “unified worship and activities within the church family.”

      I’m wondering if we can do both?

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