Here are a few things that caught my attention:

“Nearly half of first-time mobile tech users aren’t even in kindergarten yet.”

Speaking from first-hand experience, my two girls are very adept at handling an iPhone and an iPad. We have to monitor the input and the frequency, but the interaction with these digital devices is very intuitive for preschool-aged children. It’s amazing to me that my daughters will grow up in a world where video-calling their grandparents will have always been possible!

“American students currently use 1.5 million iPads” in schools.

I can’t find when this infographic was created, but I think this number is low. The school district in my area has thousands of iPads alone. It has become almost a central, go-to device for educators, probably because it is intuitive in nature and the students are already familiar with its ecosystem.

“Making special-needs education easier.”

There is a young man in our church with cerebral palsy and one of the primary means of communication and interaction is done through an iPad. It is phenomenal what a portable digital device can do, especially for those with special needs! It opens up a whole new world and whole news ways of interaction and learning.

What do you find interesting in the infographic below?



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