If you are looking for a high-energy, media-driven, competition-based children’s ministry program, then Kidmo is right up your alley.

Kidmo curriculum won’t be for everybody, but it is fun. Simply plug in the DVD and a whole hour of children’s ministry is structured and streamed for the whole group. A facilitator is required and one with lots of energy is vital for this program to be successful.

Each Kidmo session includes:

  • A teaching video (with Johnny Rogers)
  • A competition quiz to review the teaching video content
  • Worship music with motions
  • An interactive Bible memory verse segment
  • A small group component

Kidmo provides content for grades 1-6 as well as Lil’ K for ages 3-5.

Kidmo has what they call the media gallery where you can preview all of their series and make an informed decision about Kidmo content.

I used Kidmo a number of years ago for the curriculum for our Kids Camp. It was high energy, really exciting, and definitely engaging for a summer camp environment. Personally, I felt like I had to supplement the teaching video content with a little more instruction. As a teacher I wanted to give the students a little more than the video had to offer. While the Kidmo curriculum is definitely really fun for the elementary age group, I do feel like it compromises content somewhat in its effort to keep the students’ attention and engagement. However, I found that I could easily pause the video and contribute to the content fairly easily (I had to be prepared, though) and it gave my rural context a break from the fast-paced, multi-media machine.

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