Camp, whether it is for kids, teens or families, is a powerful experience.

Many students can attribute the beginning and the continued development of their faith in Christ to a summer Bible camp. These experiences, however, are not easy to pull off. They require months planning, recruiting, and promoting.

A while back, Wesleyan Kids wrote a manual on organizing a camp experience. It’s called Camp Know How. This manual is extremely comprehensive and hopefully very helpful for anyone directing and leading summer camps.


[button href=”” size=”xlarge” title=”Camp Know How” textcolor=”#ffffff” target=”_blank” tooltip=”left click to view, right click to download”]28.5mb // PDF[/button]

For a list of possible camp speakers, click here.

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  1. This is great! It reminds me of a project we did in a class at IWU with Keith Drury. The whole class was on camping/trekking, and we wrote a manuel for leading/directing a Christian camp. It was actually pretty good.

    I led a kids camp a few years ago… I have to say, it was QUITE an experience…!

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