This check-in system is no longer available.


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First of all, KidzPro does not have the best website. And in today’s world, an organization needs a good website (at least a decent one that represents them well… after all, it is the front-facing image and information you are putting out to the world). Second, if you are a software company, you really need a good website. Folks may not trust you based on how outdated your website is. They think: “If they can’t take time to update the website, then what kind of software am I buying.”

Third, purchasing a child check-in system is entirely up to the user or the church. If KidzPro meets a church’s need, then great… I’m glad I posted the information. My goal is to let churches and children’s ministry leaders know what is available out in the marketplace, and then it’s up to those people to determine what is best.


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