Lift the Flap Bible is 20-page children’s Bible story book that is highly interactive for young children.

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When my children were little (toddlers and preschool age) they loved books they could lift flaps on. We had a series of barnyard animals books as well as zoo books were my kids could discover new animals behind the flaps. It’s a clever way to engage young children with their senses, especially with touch and discovery.

The Lift the Flap Bible contains the following stories:

  • A Beautiful Garden – Genesis 1-2
  • A New Beginning – Genesis 6-9
  • God to the Rescue! – Exodus 12-14
  • Little David – 1 Samuel 17
  • Jonah Says, “No!” – Jonah
  • A Precious Gift – Matthew 1 and Luke 2
  • Through the Roof – Luke 5
  • A Little Boy’s Lunch – Luke 9 and John 6
  • The Good Shepherd – Luke 15
  • A Scary Storm – Mark 4
  • The Silly and Clever Builders – Matthew 7
  • Walking on Top of the Water – Matthew 14
  • God’s Special Plan – Matthew 27-28 and John 19-20
  • Best Friends – Matthew 28 and John 21

Publisher’s Description

This child’s Bible is a wonderful way to introduce God’s Word with beloved stories about the Creation, Noah’s ark, Jesus’ life, and more. The beautiful illustrations are enhanced by 40 flaps–making the greatest story ever told come to life in a fun, engaging way.

Resource Information

Publisher: Reader’s Digest | August 2, 2011
Target Ages: 3-5
Page Count: 20

Amazon: Lift the Flap Bible

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  1. Thank you for the review. This Bible looks like it will be very engaging for little ones. Glad to have the Bible giveaways back again!

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