How to Play the “Man, Gun, Gorilla” Game:

This is a life-sized version of the popular game: Paper, Rock, Scissors.

  • Man – embodied by the showing of “muscles”
  • Gun – embodied by, you guessed it, the showing of a “gun”
  • Gorilla – embodied by the “beating of your chest”

The contestants stand back-to-back. On the count of 3, the participants turn and face each other while performing one of the three things – man, gun, or gorilla.

  • Man beats the Gun.
  • The Gun beats the Gorilla.
  • The Gorilla beats the Man.

If the contestants tie, then they die – meaning they are both out. Keep going through the whole group until you have a winner.

Watch “Man, Gun, Gorilla” Game in Action

source Vimeo

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